The year is 1978
Where love struck hoodwench
And greased-up leather jock
Fell hopelessly in love between
The sticky sheets of saran wrap
One summers eve in a
deserted fallout shelter
Only to find a pregnancy test in the positive

"Tell Me More, Tell Me More"
Tell Me
"Sandy Sandy"

First he took me in his Dodge just to make-out a bit
Things got hot and heavy he asked for me to get on top of it
I said I couldn't get wet, only if he could protect legit
He said "Baby I got it covered you know that I can't commit"

Turns out that he lied, turns out he just plastic wrapped it
Acted nonchalant and then went to game straight to tap it
You know that I'm a saint, I swear I didn't see it happen
Okay maybe I did see the blue box while he was quickly wrappin'

Oh Frenchy
And how hot and heavy it did get
We were like - two doves - flying in sync
Oh my, how wrong it was
And I was tempted - by the teen Demigod
And what does that make me? I don't know
But God damn, was it the best 30 seconds of my life

"Tell Me More - Tell Me Tell Me - Tell Me More - Tell Me"

And now I sit here with my baby baby
Such a great, teenage mother


from We Spared No Expense, track released March 5, 2014
Vocals- Jamie Mason
Bass and Vocals- Alex Crist
Drums and Vocals- Royce Kurth



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Muldoon's Clever Girls Keokuk, Iowa

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